Brief Introduction

Our vast experience, network and innovative approach to the market, allow us to offer a global service across borders, customized to each market and to each partner, by developing a collaborative network between the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Local Partners in Africa, mainly in the PALOP region (Angola, Mozambique, Cap Verde, São Tomé e Príncipe and Guiné Bissau), materialized in  a one stop shop integrated service solution for Distribution, Marketing, Promotion and Sales and GxP Activities, such as, Medical, Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance and Compliance Services, so that the Legacy of our actions is perpetuated over the times and territories – Building Legacy.


Develop a differentiated and disruptive project in the healthcare sphere based on Excellence and Proximity as a result of Teams’ Talent, Commitment to Business Partners and principles of Confidence amongst all stakeholders. For us these are the structural vectors for creating value and developing long-term Partnerships, so that the Legacy of our actions is perpetuated over the times and territories – Building Legacy.


Develop and Improve differentiated, innovative and tailor-made healthcare solutions, positioning itself in the market as a global partner for Medical, Regulatory, Compliance, Pharmacovigilance, Administrative, Financial, Distribution, Logistic, Supply Chain, Marketing, Promotion and Commercial Services, always with the ultimate goal of providing access and knowledge in health to professionals and to the end patient.
We intend to do different, to be differentiators and dashing in proximity and unique solutions.


These fundamental values are the ones for the Worldrugs’ team. We uphold, embody and share these values in all of our actions, in-house and with our stakeholders:
  • Conduct the project with integrity and social responsibility.
  • Keep market and customer orientation, replying to customer expectations and values, creating faithfulness.
  • Adhere to the quality coming first offering excellence and expertise at every step of the journey.
  • Preserve proximity to all stakeholders involved by providing long-term partnerships.
  • Encourage the innovative spirit and commitment of employees.
  • Promote training as a form of professional and personal development.
  • Demonstrate quality in our daily lives.

Social & Environment Responsibility

Confidence & Integrity


Talent of the Team





Organization Governance

As our Company work in a high regulate market, with the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world, with health products and patients, we should always guarantee a high level of service for all parts, complying with the national and international laws of Good Distribution Practices. By always remaining and thinking one step ahead, we can ensure access to healthcare products and solutions.

What we believe in

We are committed to building a harmonious and healthy business environment with excellent business partners, creating long-term value for all stakeholders and promoting the sustainable and disruptive development of the healthcare industry.

Customer Focus Strategy Statement

Developing a diversified and reference project in the health area, providing quality, information and personalized services solutions to the Pharmaceutical Companies by developing a collaborative and online network system between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Local Agents/Customers and creating access to new opportunities and approaches.

Our Services


We believe that making health and wellness accessible to all in an ethical and responsible way must be the focus of each stakeholder involved in the conception and distribution of healthcare products and solutions.
We provide a high-quality distribution services to our clients, notably by benefiting from our close connection with all stakeholders in the supply chain. Our local immersion in the territories is the key to fully recognize, anticipate and comprehend the markets changes and mutations by correctly interpreting and reacting to field-gathered data. This understating of the pharmaceutical supply chain in the territories enables us to provide a customized-distribution services to our clients (suppliers or clients).
Pharmaceutical companies using our distribution network and expertise benefit from a wide customer reach, a professional logistic support and a fast and sustainable business growth.
Our final aim is making sure that patients have timely and affordable access to safe and effective medicines and other health products.
Worldrugs is able to distribute all categories of medicines and other healthcare and wellness products, whatever their level of complexity, via all modes of transport: road, sea and air. Furthermore, we guarantee that our pharmaceutical warehouse meets all requirements of the local medicines authority (Infarmed) and Good Distribution Practices.

Marketing / Promotion

We support our clients to position their products suitably to local final customers by redesigning the marketing strategy and producing new and innovative marketing tools.
We can offer different solutions as telemarketing, merchandising, sell in/sell out, product training and sales techniques, and others. Our promotion will help optimizing the client’s brand and image by creating customizable marketing strategies by country and by public to improve the product approach, brand loyalty, and market share, organizing effective and consistent marketing campaigns to the target audience and offering marketing strategy advisory services to suit the very particular needs of a product and its market and, of course, our clients’ expectation.
We have proximity programs with training for health professionals and end users, providing access to knowledge and differentiating skills in health as well as innovative, sustainable and future therapeutic and non-therapeutic approaches.


We can offer our clients development resources and commercial skills in order to take full advantage of the potential of clients’ products while lowering financial risks, allowing our clients to focus on their most profitable and sustainable markets and products.

We are continually exploring partnership opportunities in the identification, negotiation and operation of licensing agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

Regulatory Affairs

We can provide regulatory advisory and support to pharmaceutical companies in obtaining legal status and administrative clearances. With this we intend to offer a complete registration procedure management service for healthcare products ranging at all stages of its life cycle.

We also provide a Pharmacovigilance service for all our clients.

With our service solutions we aim to:

  • Export our expertise and history in this area of activity;
  • Find and explore opportunities to launch strategic and solid partnerships;
  • Offer innovative and flexible logistic solutions across borders;
  • Developing cooperative networks between the pharmaceutical industry, local agents and final customer.


One Stop Shop

Worldrugs gives access to a full range of health and wellness products (medicines, medical devices, supplements, cosmetics) and equipments to local agents (One Stop Shop).


Medical Devices




To respond to the health needs of patients, Worldrugs offers a large portfolio of prescription and self-medication drugs that cover a wide range of key therapeutic areas as well as medical devices for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring or treatment.

In order to supplement the diet Worldrugs offers a wide range of supplements containing one or more dietary ingredients (including vitamins, minerals, oil, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and other substances).

A extensive range of other health and cosmetic products is also available in our portfolio.


Worldrugs operates on a logistic platform of more than 5.000 m2, in Mortágua, with an installed capacity for Cool Goods, approved by the Portuguese Authorities (Infarmed), that ensure a secure distribution circuit thanks to its compliance with Good Distribution Practices and its Quality Insurance System.

Our high quality and advance logistics hub, integrated supply chain and powerful corporate network mean that we are ideally placed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies and optimize the shipment of products through to end customers.

IT Platform

Experience solutions that are fit for the future…

Worldrugs will provide a complete Tracking and Traceability Systems to automatically manage the tracking and monitoring of your products and processes with us. It embodies our commitment to transparency, professionalism and pharmaceutical ethics in both sales and distribution activities.

As a supplier or a customer you will have real-time access to: product price list, promotional offers, orders, invoices, packing lists, KPIs, sales, orders, transport documents, quotes, complaints, stock and promotion action reports.


Lake Towers
Rua Daciano Baptista Marques, 181,
Torre C, 6.º Piso, Escritório B
4400-670 Vila Nova de Gaia
  • info@worldrugs.pt


If you are looking for a company that values curiosity, passion, the desire to learn and the ability to contribute, then you may be one of our future colleagues.
Join us!
Please send your CV to info@worldrugs.pt.

Business Opportunities

We are convinced that complementarity and sharing expertise constitute key steps in business success and growth. That’s why we are always looking for partnerships. For us, each partnership is unique!

Please contact us at info@worldrugs.pt to share your information or request, and it will be forwarded to the Head of Business Development of Worldrugs.


Reporting an adverse reaction associated with the use of a drug is a critical step in advancing patient safety, to monitor, evaluate, prevent and manage the risk resulting from the use of pharmaceutical products. If you notice or suspect any adverse effect please contact: info@worldrugs.pt. Please mention: Patient ID (Name Initials, Sex, Weight/Height, Age, Small description of the evolution of the patient), Identity of the notifier (Name, Profession, Email, Phone), Characterization of Adverse Reaction (Description, Start/End Date) and Suspect Drug (Trade name, Manufacturer, Lot, Dose, Route, Indication, Start/End Date).